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Future of solar energy in India

Future of solar energy in India

As far as, India is in right track to nourishing it solar capability but as not tapped into the potential of solar power till date. Even though there are these huge power plants (more than a Gigawatt in capacity) that have come up in various parts of the country, there still is a big need and possibility of it the country. Solar power is a fantastic for our country, and this is because: –

  1. High number of sunny days (300 days) in majority of the country’s land: Due to god grace our country is really lucky to receive high volumes of solar radiation and energy all throughout the year. Tapping into it effectively will help resolve power crisis in many regions of the country. Electricity board may fail to reach a place, but sun doesn’t.
  1. India resides in its villages: 70% population of India resides in villages. These are a house to a huge chunk of the 1.2 Billion population that we have. And it has been not easy for the transmission grids to reach in certain regions. Such regions can easily be made self-reliable with the use of Solar energy Powered systems. Many international and Indian banks and other financial bodies are supporting the initiative like these by the State Renewable energy boards, for example in the state of Tripura and Assam.
  1. A continuing growing demand of power: With limited resources in terms of coal and fossil fuels, and also a comparatively small reserve of natural gas, India will have to find other ways to keep itself powered. Solar is finest option that comes to mind. Even if we can sustain the households and societies with their self-generated power, we can get rid from a major issue of power crisis. Concepts of On-grid, Off Grid houses, Hybrid power systems, etc. are growing in the market.
  1. State Governments are positive towards solar: After the successful of Gujarat model, and the growing Solar market, thus the fall of panel prices, are encouraging the states to push for renewable energy sources. The Gujarat government is also trying to implementation of the solar roof top policy, in Gandhinagar, to understand its applicability in the state. Similar energy models are in progress in many states. Also, the falling of tariff rates are in a way, and so is the accelerated depreciation, which makes it even more encouraging for the companies to set up a solar power plant.
  1. Youth wants green and cleaner energy: The very buzz word of “Green Energy” is drawing people, especially youth. The upcoming startups and businessmen are seeking Green Buildings, Solar roof top houses, societies etc. Also seeing the potential of the solar market, many new entrepreneurs are working in the area of solar energy.

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