How the solar energy changes the world globally.

Our energy demand is increasing day by day. every day we need energy, to prepare food, to drive, to keep our home warm or air conditioned, trains, metro, airplanes and to use any electronic gadgets. Today we can’t even imagine our day to day lifestyle without energy….

But how do we get this energy….????????

Petroleum, Coal, Biofuel. These are those common names on which our whole humanity is running. If there are no such things then we forced to live a 17th century human.

If not today, not even tomorrow but some day all these luxuries stuff will be have an end.

So, finally after many wars, world wars, civil wars, invention of plastic, ruining the ocean and rivers and exploitation of nature for 300 years. We finally realize that oh! We are making a mistake and after so many prizes ceremony events on global warming.

we are looking at a Trillion years old stuff.

Our “SUN”

Through various technologies we have found many ways to use The Sun radiation into our form of energy which we need.

Electric car, buses, solar pvc panels are already selling like hot cakes…Some countries are serious, some are more serious.

It changes the whole world scenario for energy consumption and production. Our need of energy is increasing day by day. It’s the world next Trade . It can change the whole world scenario within next 15-20 years.

Let us find how……..

Ultimate source of energy

Plants prepare their food in the presence of sunlight, we have appropriate environment to live, oxygen, water, soil all are only because of SUN.

All fossil fuels that we use in our everyday life comes from dead animals and plants which again have their source is SUN.

Sun will provide 10000 times energy as the whole world our needs increases for energy sun is the only major sources to fulfill it.

Dependency on gulf countries for oil.

So,  we can say that in future, countries whose having more sun radiation will generate more energy.  Indian subcontinent having average of 300 days of sunny day compare to European every year. Oil game is running for last 80 years. World dependency on gulf countries for oil are decreasing. political scenario, foreign policy are changing. World is looking for green energy, pure energy and renewable energy, and looking for other options.

We should look at solar as our major source of energy. China, japan, Sweden, Germany France are increasing their energy consumption with the solar energy day by day.

Increases Environment scenario.

Solar energy creates Green, clean and renewable power from the sun and provide great assert to the environment. It reduce carbon footprint  and alternatives to the fossil fuel, Get rid of greenhouse gases around the planet. It is known to have a favorable effect on our Planet.

Most of the electricity and power are generated in India comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. To generate electricity from fossil fuel is bit a long and expensive and also very harmful for our Biosphere the other hand solar is free and readily abundant. The fact is that we could fulfil all world’s power need for one year by only capturing one hour of sun radiation on entire earth. As we increases our investment in solar energy, we can help to reduce our dependency on petroleum, coal and other nonrenewable sources. Solar energy is the most abundant and consistent sources of energy on our planet

Creates a better place to live.

Imagine that our surrounding having more greenery and brightness. and we have less poisonous gases in our Environment  .One the the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it significantly reduce  sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and carbon particles. Though which many health problems can be reduce like respiratory, chronic bronchitis, asthma and cardiovascular problems.

So it’s not only save money on our electric bills but also reduce carbon immersion footprints and improve our health. And by this we can create a better place to live and offer more for our next generations.

That’s why we worship sun as a “GOD”

In our culture every aspect of nature are treated as GOD because It gives us energy and power to live and act. We respect SUN and worship as a god called “Surya Devta”. And not only this we also celebrate a festival named on it called “Chatth puja” basically in north India, In all India we have several sun based temple, Several sundial .We have also more than one hundred names  in SANSKRIT for SUN.

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